What is the agenda and times of the retreat?

Although Robin is a business growth strategist, she knows that before you can get growing you’ve got to breakthrough. So for three full days, she will be ushering you from breakdown to break out and ultimately you’ll get the breakthrough you need. We share a snapshot of topics to be explored during the event on the home page.

Day 0 – Tuesday, May 22, 2018 – there will be a welcome reception Day 1 – Wednesday, May 23, 2018 – 8:30 am to 9 pm Day 2 – Thursday, May 24, 2018 – 8:30 am to 9 pm Day 3 – Friday, May 25, 2018 – 8:30 am to 4 pm

These times are subject to change so we don’t recommend making any plan for the evenings so that you can be fully present and catch every breakthrough that is waiting for you.

Are meals provided?

We will provide continental breakfast each morning. If you choose the VIP option, your lunch will also be provided. If you miss out on one of our VIP seats, a local dine around will be arranged by our team. You can sign up each day at the registration table.

Is there a refund/cancellation policy?

While tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE, they are transferable. You can read the full policy below at the bottom of this page.

Will I get one-on-one time with Robin?

Because this event is an intimate learning experience with no breakout sessions and we will be all together for the all sessions of the retreat, you can count on Darnyelle, in her signature style, coming down off the stage to add value and work with participants to usher in breakthroughs. If you want more personal time with Darnyelle, you should consider our VIP option as seats in VIP are extremely limited to enhance the experience with attendees. Please note that Incredible Factor University, Darnyelle’s business school for uncompromising entrepreneurs, is regarded as one of the leading business growth programs in the country. Through the strategic blend of coaching, consulting and mentorship, our clients and attendees experience guidance, support and accountability that few have been able to replicate. Our results speak for themselves. During this powerful and intimate experience, everyone will have an opportunity to connect and interact with Darnyelle. Our team will also be onsite to ensure that your experience is an Incredible One®.

We look forward to welcoming you into this Incredible community. You’ll be grateful that you invested in yourself at this level.

Will there be time to network?

Yes! following every 90-minute general session there will be a 30 minute networking break to meet new friends and create partnerships.

Will there be other speakers?

A few other carefully selected speakers may be speaking at the event. But do know that this will not be a multi-speaker pitch fest style event.

What is the dress code for the event?

The dress code is business casual. We recommend clothes that make you feel like a million bucks and shoes that will make the day pleasant. There is no reward for best dressed given out, so please be comfortable! Please keep in mind that you’ll be moving and using your body during the event so you may want to bring your heels just to wear to the welcome reception!

Business Casual, comfortable attire. Remember to bring a sweater because we will be in an air conditioned room.

Am I going to have to deal with more selling or is this conference content rich?

Robin has a firm commitment to your business. And as is such, she HATES “pep-rally” multi-speaker pitch fest events and would never do that type of event. Darnyelle will only share a few resources with you to enhance your business building success. Please note: there will be a small number of carefully selected exhibitors onsite that offer services that are needed by our target audience but no purchase is necessary

Is recordinfperentted duing the sessions?

No. No recording is permitted outside of the designated audio/visual team.

Who is the Retreat for?

The Time for Mom-Me Retreat is for moms who want to have more business/life satisfaction and make self-care a part of their motherhood experience. The Retreat is for moms who want to learn the practical tools, systems and methods that I use as The Mom Strategist™, helping thousands to own the powerful choices available to them, while still being a great mom to your children. I need you to take your self-care seriously, because you have the hardest job in the world! You are raising our future leaders, building sustainable businesses and careers…so maintaining your health and wellness and learning what and how to prioritize YOU is critical so that you can have the energy and maintain the vibrancy that is required to do all of this. Every mom who want to get clear on how to accomplish her dreams, plans and goals will benefit at the Time for Mom-Me Retreat. This retreat day is the catalyst of change for you, where you will learn that achieving more in your life is directly related to your self-care strategy. I support moms who are single moms, have children with special needs, work 40+ hours a week outside/inside the home, are stay-at-home moms etc.. all learn the specific ways to live your best life with better strategy.

What is the focus of this event?

My expertise is in teaching moms how to better prioritize their own self-care so they can enjoy the journey of motherhood from a reflective and re-energized place. So many mothers aren’t choosing what is best for their families because great choices require clarity, and many of us are too busy to get clear. Also, I have assisted over 46 clients in becoming authors and many of them are bestselling authors. I’ve assisted tons of clients start their businesses and create powerful systems to leverage their platforms and to monetize their messages. (Just recently I helped a client make $40K in her business over 2 days.) My clients are attorneys, physicians, business owners, stay-at-home moms, artist etc… I’ve also shared great strategies to help clients up-level their relationship with their partner. The most important things to know as a mom are the life and business systems that you need to have in place. I help moms answer the question, “What do I really want for my life?” I help moms create the blueprint to work that plan. The focus of the event is to support you with identifying your purpose and developing the steps to live it. I find that most moms have big dreams and plans that they never truly act on because they can’t figure out how to manage both motherhood and their dream. My expertise is in supporting moms with accomplishing their biggest goals because I’ve been exactly where you are a few years ago. My strategies are not fluff, they work and I have a proven success record that clearly demonstrates the success of my clients. I know the specific objections and obstacles that moms have to overcome in order to truly make their dreams a reality. I also understand the internal struggle that most moms encounter whenever they are trying to decide to invest in themselves.