About Me

Robin Cody Smith

Founder & CEO 


Robin Cody Smith aka The Next Level Specialist is the founder of GETUP LLC.

As a leader in the direct sales industry, ministry, and government, Robin has identified common threads that are missing in many businesses, teams, and leaders that provide insight, techniques, and strategies necessary for achieving upward mobility in business and life.

GETUP (Gaining Energy To Ultimately Produce) is a training and development company that offers a range of innovative coaching, proven business strategies, corporate training, and online products.                                                                                                                

Coach Robin's business strategies supported me in formulating a workable plan that allowed me to track my progress, increase sales by 150%, and build a solid customer base of repeat business! She has definitely  guided me to the next level of my business success.  

Cynthia Chandler, #2 division  wide - top producer in MKC.


  Acclaimed Author, Certified Coach, Business Strategist, Speaker, Corporate Trainer

Robin Cody Smith empowers entrepreneurs that are ready right now to reach the next level of their professional success.